Sunday, September 15, 2013

Design a Trendy Digital Magazine in Minutes with Glossi

Glossi is a digital magazine creation tool that produces eye-catching online publications students can use to share their learning with others. To get started all students need is a topic or idea! Glossi provides several design options with which to add images, videos, audio files, text and external links to a magazine page in an easy to use drag-and-drop format. The final product can be shared privately or publicly via external link or embed code. View the sample magazine below to get a sense of the endless educational possibilities students can explore with Glossi.

(the pedagogical rationale for the use of technology in the classroom)




  • Use a variety of idea creation techniques such as brainstorming, visualization, etc.
  • Analyze and evaluate ideas for the purpose of improving one's creative efforts.


  • Effectively convey information and ideas using text based and visual elements.
  • Use digital web tools to communicate for a wide range of purposes e.g. to inform, instruct, motivate, persuade, etc.

Application of Technology

  • Properly utilize technology to research, organize, evaluate, and communicate information.
  • Use digital technologies to access, create and communicate effectively.

Sample Activities:

1. Visual and practical arts students can create an aesthetically pleasing e-portfolio to present their work to their teachers or potential employers.

2. Students can demonstrate their knowledge of key historical events in an user-friendly news magazine format.

3. Writing assignments such as short stories and poems can be presented in a page-turning anthology using Glossi.

How to Get Started:

Please view the video tutorial below as it will provide new users with an excellent introduction to Glossi.


Glossi is an excellent presentation tool for students to demonstrate their learning. Click here to get started!

This post originally appeared on The De-tech-tive 4 Teachers.