Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flubaroo: A Google Drive Online Marking System

Flubaroo in conjunction with Google Drive makes marking easier!

At this time of year, teachers are usually buried under piles of final exams that need to be graded quickly for the preparation of year end report cards.  Would it not be nice if in a couple of mouse clicks, all the multiple choice and/or fill-in-the-blank sections of the exam were marked for you?  Flubaroo does that and more!

Additional benefits of Flubaroo:

- results and an answer key (optional) can be emailed to parents and students.
- a complete report and analysis of student performance which includes -

      • average score for both the entire assignment and each individual question, 
      • flagging of low-scoring questions, 
      • and a grade distribution graph

You too can reap the benefits of Flubaroo in 5 easy steps:

     1.  Create an assignment in Google Drive using the "form" option.  Click here for a quick tutorial.
     2.  Create an answer key.
     3.  Administer the assignment.
     4.  Grade the assignment using Flubaroo.
     5.  Review the results using reports generated by Flubaroo.

For a more detailed video tutorial, see below:

Minimizing time spent on marking in an effort to increase time spent on lesson preparation is just one reason why I strongly recommend you give Flubaroo a try!  Click here to get started!

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