Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Celebration of Connected Educators

In this third and final post of the "Staying Connected with TeacherCast" series, our focus will turn to the wealth of information, knowledge and expertise offered by our very own industrious and innovative teaching colleagues from around the world.  Many of these colleagues are educators just like you and I whose passion for teaching is demonstrated by the sound pedagogical practices that occur in our classrooms on a daily basis.  Teachers, such as these, strongly believe that sharing their educational know-how with a wider audience is not only important but a necessity in order for future generations of teachers, and subsequently students, to gain the most benefit.  As a result, it is safe to assume the next step in our "staying connected" journey requires us to not only utilize new found resources but to also share our educational materials, insights and skills with the global teaching community.  Many educators will resist this request not because of a lack of teaching skill but rather of confidence.  I can personally attest to this view because it was only a few, short months ago that I, too, did not think I had anything important to contribute.  But with a good heart to heart chat with a fellow colleague (Thank you, Anna), I gained the necessary confidence to break out of my shell.  So for those educators out there who are in the same position I was, I strongly encourage you to rid yourself of those confining shackles and embrace the connected educators community by sharing your expertise with us!  We are eager to learn from you too!

The TeacherCast Educational Magazine offers educators a relaxing and engaging coffee-shop atmosphere to share their pedagogical expertise.  In essence, the TeacherCast Educational Magazine is a collection of articles written by every day educators on a wide range of topics such as technology integration, software tutorials, leadership, personal reflection and much, much more.  Currently, with a family of more than 50 writers which include teachers, principals and superintendents, the TeacherCast Educational Magazine provides educators with an excellent opportunity to learn, share and collaborate with our peers.  In fact, many of these writers appear regularly on the TeacherCast Podcast as well to further elaborate on their teaching practices and ideas.  With a viewing audience from more than 120 countries each month, the TeacherCast Educational Magazine is truly an inspiring educational resource teachers can not do without.   

Below is just a sampling of the great content one will find in the TeacherCast Educational Magazine:

"Promoting Student Engagement ~ Make Your Mark" by Angela Maiers

"Your Leadership "Home Button"" by Joe Mazza

"Student Standardization" by Tom Whitby

"Use Google Voice to Call Parents" by Melissa Seideman

"Making the Right Digital Decisions" by Steve Anderson

"Teaching Communication is the Key" by Catlin Tucker

If you are interested in becoming a TeacherCast contributing writer, please fill out the contact form located at the bottom of the TeacherCast Educational Magazine web page and Jeff Bradbury will be more than happy to support you in your "staying connected" journey.  

There is no doubt that TeacherCast lives up to its motto of "a place for teachers to help other teachers".  Jeff has put his heart and soul into offering a central location or "meeting place" for a wide array of educational resources in various formats so that there is a little of something for everyone.  On behalf of the thousands of educators out there, I would like to thank Jeff for all his efforts as we appreciate it very much.  Also, we would like to thank Jeff's wife and fellow teaching colleague, Jennifer (@bassjen1) as without her love and support, Jeff would not be able to live out his dream of making TeacherCast an educator's go to resource.  The goal is and will always be to do the best for our students and TeacherCast certainly makes that goal a reality for many, many educators worldwide.  So please do not hesitate any longer, get involved and be vocal about the great things that are currently happening in education today.  Get connected!  Stay connected!


  1. Ask to be involved in a stall and chat to staff. Enthuse them. Give out a brief hand out or direct them to a link on the school system.

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  2. Connecting with our colleagues to improve our teaching practices should always to be the goal!