Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Most Popular Posts for the Month of August

Ariel view of Kamloops
Greetings from sunny Kamloops, BC Canada!  

We have enjoyed a fabulous summer so far with the average temperature being 30 C (86 F).  As August winds down, I am enjoying the last little bit of summer as well as preparing for back to school which starts on September 4th.  I will be starting off with a bang as I am planning a joint project with my collaborative teaching partner from Layton, Utah, Jared Fawson.  We are both very excited about it and we are planning to use all sorts of web tools from Skype to Animoto to anything else we can think of.  I am absolutely positive the students are going to love it!

My school - South Kamloops Secondary
I will also be starting my Master's degree in Educational Technology & Design from the University of Saskatchewan as well as trying to keep up with writing posts.  Busy, busy.  Is there any teacher out there that isn't?  LOL.  I hope that all my colleagues from Canada and around the world enjoy a strong start-up to the school year!  :)  Below are the most popular posts from "The De-tech-tive 4 Teachers" blog.

The Most Popular Posts for the Month of August

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