Saturday, September 15, 2012

TeacherCast Podcast with Jeffrey Bradbury

Staying connected with one's Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a critical component in the ongoing pursuit of improving personal teaching practices.  To take full advantage of your PLN however, it is important to maintain a consistent pattern of engagement.  For some educators, establishing that habitual routine can be difficult unless an universal resource is available.  In the first post of the "Staying Connected with TeacherCast" series, it was explained how TeacherCast fulfills the needs of educators by offering a plethora of educational resources in a variety of formats.  Resources such as TeacherCast University, LiveBinder Gallery, TeacherCast TV and much more offer educators a wide range of information to expand their pedagogical practice.  The key attribute of these fantastic resources is that they are all offered in one, easy to use location.  As a result, educators can easily connect with the global teaching community by utilizing the numerous resources TeacherCast offers!

In Part Two of this three part series, we now turn our attention to the merits of the TeacherCast Podcasting Network, a vibrant library of audio presentations hosted by Jeff Bradbury for the purpose of offering yet another medium for educators to access professional development resources.  Essentially, TeacherCast podcasts are lively discussions with the most respected educators from around the globe who share their knowledge and expertise about some of the hottest topics affecting education today.  TeacherCast podcasts are organized into three main formats.  

1.  TeacherCast Podcast is a round table type show featuring teachers and administrators who discuss educational topics they specialize in such as EdCamps, curriculum development and leadership.  Jeff welcomes all interested teachers who want to share their expertise to contact him and invite themselves on the show.  In the past, the show has featured great guests such as Steve Anderson, Tom Whitby, Jerry Blumengarten, Angela Maiers, and over 200 other leading educators from around the world.  Below are three sample round table discussions you will want to listen in on: 
2.  App Spotlight is an interview style podcast where Jeff  invites web businesses, app developers and other educational vendors to discuss how their apps work and how teachers can best use them in the classroom.  Past guests include  "KidBlog",  "Socrative",  "EasyBib",  "My Big Campus", and  "Poll Everywhere".  Please check out some more excellent app reviews below: 

"EduTecher & EduClipper"

3.  TeacherCast University is a show that focuses on the pressing questions and concerns of today's busy educators.  Teachers can email or call into Jeff and he will offer support and direct teachers to the resources that will best suit their needs.  The TeacherCast University podcast also features @GrogtheZombie or "Grog's World" as well as ASKITT with Jeff Herb  (@InstTechTalk) who will also assist colleagues from around the world with pedagogical issues.  Below are a few sample TeacherCast University podcasts you will want to listen in on:

"Taking Control of Your Professional Development"
"Podcasting in the Classroom"
"Taking Your PowerPoint Presentations with you"

The TeacherCast Podcasting Network is an incredible educational resource for teachers as the breadth and depth of the topics covered is truly exceptional.  However, the best part of the TeacherCast podcasts is the convenience as the podcasts can be listened to anywhere, at anytime.  The TeacherCast Podcasting Network can also be found on iTunes and Stitcher and is also available for download on every Apple and Android mobile device.

The final post of the "Staying Connected with TeacherCast" series will focus on the TeacherCast Educational Magazine, a collection of blog posts written by notable educators who share their wealth of knowledge and teaching experience in their specialized field of expertise.  

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